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We toured, we conquered. Conker.

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Folks, willies, beatniks and Terry Chapstick! We are back from our tour of the UK with Backyard Babies. News Just in: It was top fucking notch.

Expect a reasonably concise blog detailing even the most banal events that occured during our stint around the fine cities of the UK. Just don’t expect it too soon, because a) I’m lazy, b) I’m knackered and c) I’m on ‘oliday.

Also, onstage at our last show (London) I mentioned 3 people that made the tour possible, but in a haze of onstage devil eyes and cheap vodka, I actually only pointed out two. It was shameful behaviour, i cried uncontrollably into Dregen’s bosum later that night. Because I regrettably forgot to point out our beautiful ballbag stage manager Riot Popshot! He was but a mere few feet away from me, but alas out of my sight.
This is the ol’ cocker here, keep an eye out for him on the mean streets of Stroud:

Be sure to check out his band RIOT AND THE POPSHOTS. They’re better than sliced salami from Somerfield’s deli counter, and i don’t say that lightly. West side Punk Rock muthafuck:

Here’s the other urchins that helped us out:
Bruvney Drives (left) – Tour Driver Extraordinaire. Did more than most men could do in a lifetime. Legend.
Sam 41 (right) – Tour Manager and Bear. Relished his role and was a fucking star in sorting out the backstage arrangements, getting us in and out of venues, and making booze a priority.
Both were accomplished merchandise sellers and their hard sell gave us dosh to travel. Cheers boys!

These fucking sweehearts made sure we could actually do the tour and helped us maintain a semi professional outlook on the touring life. As well as helping us maintain semi professional semi’s.

Also, thanks to: Gordon Wyper in Glasgow for helping out with the van and getting much needed supplies, Kevin Leah in Sheffield for putting us dickheads up for the night, whereby we showed our punk rock ways by going straight to bed. And thanks to The Mark in London for lugging equipment around, teching and filming.

And thanks to everyone who came to the shows and appreciated the noise that we put forth into your brains. It’s not always nice, it’s usually fucked up, filthy, and far to fast. But glad to see some people did their research and didn’t expect some bullshit Motley Crue rip-off glam band. We might have beautiful locks and apply our sympathetic make-up better than your 14 year old chav sister, but we always make sure we boisterise to fuck. Cheerio.



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September 18, 2008 at 11:11 am

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