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The Fawcett Inn.

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Finally back and on the blog! It’s been a while friends, allies, fuck-ups, fuckables and fuck offs.
There’s no excuse. I can’t tell you of ashaming stories. 
The story of how I perhaps got caught in the back allies of Soho, rope tied ’round my waist, getting tugged off.
Or of how I left the band for a month and grew a moustache.
Or perhaps the tale of how I left my bag on a nightbus, got stranded outside my flat at 5am, and smashed the window in so I could obtain a decent night’s kip. 
NOPE! I’m afraid the truth is we’re lazy, inconsiderate and enjoy drinking in the sun so much that our ballbags have turned into a bulging sacks of nutritional cider. We take extensive time off to plough foreign countries, and pose romantically on Primrose Hill.
Hope you missed this insightful wisdom and wit. Could you really imagine a life without the skinny boys in black?

Word on the street is: THE TOUR IS HERE! The admin is over. Admin was the way forward. We’ve booked dates off our own backs and we demand you attend any show you can! All hands on decks!
Realistically, we’ll be playing to one man and his favourite pint of real ale at most of these shows, but at least he’ll enjoy himself.

Yep, that’ll be our driver.

And so, off we go into the wilderness, outside the safety net and delicious confines of the blackening smoke we all love and hate. There’ll be plenty of anecdotes, and more stupid in-jokes for you to turn your nose up at. Join in. Get appropriate. PLOUGH THE BOW! etc….

Here’s the details:

Bonus news item:

If there were ever a cake based tribute to the Jags, the members would go something like this.

Kipcake – Vocals
J’amtart – Drums
Mattenberg – Bass
French Fancy – Guitar

Rossberry Ripple – Driver/Roadie (Ice Cream based)


Written by kiplegend

July 1, 2008 at 8:07 pm

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