The life and times of Skintight Jaguars

I Am The Wolf, Man.

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It’s a busy life in the kingdom of the Jaguars, and while some of us stalk young nubile prey in Los Angeles the rest of us chase our tails in the stained grey streets of London. Like eccentric wispy-haired old sailors we prowl the high seas of the Thames looking for the next young bra-strap/ballsack to tickle into submission. Yeah, you’ve seen us…you’ve smoked our pipes…

So, the reason for a delay in relentless stories of how we either a) Ploughed the streets and got arrested or b) Ploughed the streets and got mugged, are due to the monotony of administration duties. And as myself, Kip Legend, once announced: “Admin is the way forward”. If you’re lucky enough, these sentiments are actually going to ring true – we’re going on tour in July with fellow punk rock cohorts Riot And The Popshots ( Organisation skills are abound, so look out for a tour bus of sharply dressed mohawks and stained side partings driving the wrong way on the M1. Be invulva, your country needs vulva’s.

In the meantime, while I drown my sorrows with a glass of chardonnay and dissolve myself into perpetual bliss with the latest offering from Chas n Dave, have the lyrics of our hit single ‘I Am The Wolf’ to get sexual about:

This cut throat face plants the seed in my mind
We all, pale in comparison, and let the weak survive
‘Cos it’s a holocaust of action
and we’re getting short of breath
And i’ll be standing tall when there’s fuck all left
I will be standing tall when there’s fuck all left

I am the. I am the wolf.

Bite down on you like an animal, I’m one of a kind (I wanna come)
Frustration’s rife when it don’t touch the sides
So gimme danger, inject me, just gimme the chills
Desperation in fiction and my fiction’s real
Desperation in fiction, baby my fiction’s real

I am the. I am the wolf.

Only the weak survive. Gotta get it right.

Thanks for sticking around, and huge thanks to all the people who came to see us play with Young Heart Attack. I’d love to buy you all flowers, but you know, I probably wouldn’t.

Drink, Fight, Fuck Off sweethearts x


Written by kiplegend

April 29, 2008 at 7:29 pm

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